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This is the centralized site to communicate, manage and organize our work together. Below is a brief description of areas to help you navigate. If you need Client Portal assistance, please reach out to Rachel at 916-930-0777 ext. 2 or


This launch page provides all links and descriptions of each view for you and your team members to find their way around. It includes links to all views as well as a link to the monthly meetings and how to get your unique email address to email directly to the Client Portal..


Main Table

This view provides your entire set of items. It can be an overwhelming view when unfiltered, as it contains everything. It’s best used to find things via Search or Filter.


Your entire set of items includes:

•All emails sent to Client Portal, including files uploaded

•All to-dos and tasks (whether complete or not)

•All meeting dates and other important dates

•Other system-based items (e.g. Links)

Files View
All documents securely uploaded by either your team, or ours. Some tips about finding documents:


We title files (and encourage you to title files) as follows. This helps us all find/search more efficiently:





•The list is long, but as you can see, the goal is to include the month or date it pertains to and a descriptive word.



All finance and other meetings are scheduled here. Please refer to this calendar if you aren’t sure when your next meeting is. You will receive automated reminders two days prior to meetings, as well as reminders of monthly to-dos.


The Calendar includes:

•Monthly finance meetings

•Key to-dos we’re working on together

•Other important dates and deadlines

Recent Activity

This view provides two months of activity – it’s filtered to show this month and next month’s:

•Meetings and important dates

•Upcoming to-dos

•Past to-dos and tasks that are pending or incomplete

•Static items such as annual goals


This is where you will see all your emailed messages to the Client Portal.  to send us messages/requests and/or to securely upload documents.


To get your unique email address to email messages and files directly to the Client Portal, click the 3 dots on the top right of the screen, click Board Settings, then click Create items via email.  Click the Copy button, then paste this email address into the To field of your email program.

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